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Who is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

A data protection officer or DPO is responsible for overseeing a company’s data protection strategy and it’s implementation to ensure compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) requirements. They help an organization in applying the laws and protecting one’s personal data.

Why do you need a Data Protection Officer?

The data protection officer participates from the earliest possible stage in all questions related to data protection. Being a contact person within the company and they form a part of the working groups that deal with the data processing activities. With so much data around and company’s being digitalized in many areas, data is prone to threats and vulnerabilities. A data protection officer ensures the safety of the data and is always alert of any kind of data breach.

The new Thailand’s PDPA date is on 1st June 2022.

How to find the perfect DPO for your company?

Our Services

identify dpo

Identify the perfect DPO for your company

We will find the perfect DPO for your company who will prepare for the implementation of Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for you and your company.

training dpo

Training DPO

We also offer training services. We will train your employee(s) and develop their skills required to be an effiecient Data Protection Officer.

For more detailed information about our services please contact us at or call us at (+66) 0819202077.

This is a great opportunity for Companies in Thailand to be compliant with the new Thai Data Privacy law.

This project is a collaboration between Thai Market Leader in Data Destruction: ADD and Lim and Partner – Praxi Alliance, a member of World Top 40 Executive Search!

Impact of Digitalization; Thailand PDPA
By Larent Landie, Managing Director (Lim and Partner)

Digitalization: From Regulation to Human Resources and Thailand PDPA

The rapid and in some cases forced digital transformation of our societies from the last couple of years has impacted more and more territories. Data is everywhere! Keep reading to know more about the impact of digitalization on regulations to HR services and what’s up with Thailand PDPA.

Digitalization and Thailand PDPA

In Thailand, the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA has been postponed twice; the new agenda mentions 1st of June 2022. The reasons for the postponement haven’t been tackled yet unfortunately. One of the reasons being the current pandemic situation, we are missing all the corpus of technical regulation to implement the law.

The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry is very active, and we welcomed, aside from PDPA, under the computer related Crime Act, couple of new regulations on retention of computer traffic data…

Digitalization vs Compliance

Somehow compliance department in our companies, talking about Japan, Europe and USA have anticipated this new regulation. It is true that GDPR or PDPA, moved the cursor further. This obliged us to implement new data management. Data is something to protect not because a leak could have bad consequences for your company image but because they do not belong to you but to the personal owner!

Digitalization is linked to criminalization

Not a day without cybercriminal action. From private to state initiative, our IT systems are more and more sophisticated meaning more fragile!

Digitalization and Human Resources

At the end do you have the human resources to understand, implement and anticipate this fast-moving trend? From Data Privacy Officer to Network Security, all these changes have consequence in our human resources pool of competencies!

I propose you to move forward not to wait until the last minute, rather start preparing now. We can help you start by organizing a diagnostic of your organization from technical to human resources point of view.

This is possible with our Partners – Asia Data Destruction and Breachunt ( and They will focus on IT setup.  Then we, Lim and Partner will assess your team and talk with your DPO. However, if you do not have one do not worry. We can train your employees or recruit the perfect Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your company!

For more information you can email us at:

Why Market Research is Important?
By Tasnia Rehnuma Mahmud,  Market Research Analyst at Lim and Partner

Here at Lim and Partner, we provide Market Research and Expansion and Executive Search and Assessment consultancy services in Thailand. Our expertise also extends to various countries of South-East Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.

One of our services include Market Research. If you are contemplating whether you should enter the Thai market or not, please allow us to help clear your doubt. But first —

Why market research is important at all?


Extensive market research helps to gain a better understanding of the market that you are trying to penetrate. It helps you know your target customers  well and aware you about potential competitions.


When you understand the market better, you can come up with the best of business strategies to achieve your business goals. Detailed research helps you forecast the market trends and where you might stand in the next 5/10 years in the business.


Knowing about your potential competitors, not only provides you with opportunity of being ahead of them but also helps you understand your own shortcomings and gives you room for improvement.


Market research focuses on customer needs and demands. It is needless to say; how important it is to keep your customers at the center of all that you do in business. Market research keeps you attentive to where you can improve your business strategy, customer service or product offering.


Research is a lot more than what it seems. It can act as an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. There is never an end to knowing more about something. However, market research just does not limit to the only points mentioned above. Use market research for employee engagement surveys, and to highlight performance or knowledge gaps and areas for potential growth. You can also use it to change strategies or expand your business. Research also helps to you to explore other aspects of your business. All these will open your company up to thinking about new methods, ideas, areas and tools; leading you to improve your business and take them to new heights.

Why should you choose Lim and Partner?

Here at Lim and Partner, we put our clients first. We are extremely attentive and empathetic towards our client’s needs.

After we collect your requirements, we will conduct extensive research for you. This will include industry and market overview in Thailand, customer analysis, competitor analysis, importation and exportation data, distributor profiles, importation and customs rules, tariffs, and taxes Thailand) and a lot more according to your needs.

We provide both qualitative and quantitative data and provide for primary (fieldwork) and secondary (desk) research.

Whether you are trying to enter a mass market or niche market here in Thailand, our consultants got you covered.

Our expert consultant team will be open for questions and discussions throughout the time you will be collaborating with us. They  will be more than happy to answer your queries related the market or business situation here in Thailand.

For more information you can always leave us a message. One of our consultants will get to you in no time!


Thailand PDPA, Data Protection Officer & Assessment

Pdpa Dpo Assess collageBy Laurent Landie, Managing Director (Lim and Partner)

We do not know when this pandemic will end. Will it go away or we just have to accept the new normal way of living? So, it’s better to start focusing and keep searching new ways to manage and organize our companies.Here is a quick update about Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA Thailand), how you can continue even in COVID 19, and recruitment using assessment!

Life’s all about changes and whoever adapts to changes are pretty much always on track. In the current situation, working from home is a good example of evolution. We did not imagine life and work will be like this however, we all implemented it due to the situation demand. In fact, now going back to office seems like a new task!

The topics I would like address today is Thailand PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act), how to continue with it during this pandemic and brief you about a new addition to our recruitment process – assessment.

PDPA has been postponed twice, new agenda mentions June 1st 2022, but the reasons why they postponed haven’t been tackled: Covid 19 and PDPA content.

I would like to propose you to move forward instead of waiting till the last minute.

We can organize a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Diagnostic of your organization from technical to human resources point of view.

This is possible with our Partners – Asia Data Destruction and Breachunt ( and They will focus on IT setup.  Then we, Lim and Partner will assess your team and talk with your Data Protection Officer or DPO. However, if you do not have a Data Protection Officer (DPO); we can train someone for you. Or ofcourse, recruit the perfect Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your company.

This leads me to my second topic of using assessment during recruitment or executive search process.

In recent times, many companies are using online tools to recruit the new employees. While recruiting on your own using online tools can reduce the cost of the recruitment; however, recruitment requires adequate skills and, I am not sure if all companies have the required skills to recruit especially for higher or executive posts. And one wrong recruitment can cause harm to the company in ways we do not usually think about.

Assessment tools can be extremely useful now for recruitment or executive search. They give unbiased decision and higher employee retention. And with the best candidate your company productivity will increase. Our team here at Lim and Partner, uses AON assessment.

Employee expectations are changing. Talent leaders need to know the current trends and how to respond. Central to attracting, developing, and retaining your talent is a flexible rewards program. This meets the evolving needs of your current and future workforce. Determining the best way to recruit and reward employees with future skills is urgently top of the agenda for organizations as they reshape and optimize their workforces for the future.

For more information you can always leave us a message. One of our consultants will get to you in no time!