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Do you want the brightest minds at the helm of your company?

We identify the top performers by leveraging our proprietary search methods across our extensive local and international networks.

Our consultants ensure a discreet approach and carefully manage the entire recruitment process, including the organizational integration.

Target Profiles

  • CEOs and Board Members
  • Top Executives
  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Key Specialists


  • Consultation and development of a comprehensive profile
  • Identification of candidates through extensive research and direct approach
  • Analysis of CVs and profiles
  • A structured interview process
  • Presentation of suitable candidates Reference verification
  • Assistance in offer / acceptance negotiations
  • Candidate placement and onboarding

Practice Areas


  • Consumer Products
  • Retail
  • Apparel and Luxury
  • Goods
  • Media
  • Entertainment and Sports

Financial Services

  • Investment
  • Corporate Banking and Markets
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management

Government & Non-Profit

  • Government
  • Non-Profit

Tech & Communications

  • Systems
  • Services and Software
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecom


  • Automotive & Transport Equipment
  • Building Components
  • Chemical & Process Industries
  • Energy & GreenTech
  • Machinery & Engineering
  • Metals & Mining…

Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology


  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Real Estate Services


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Career Management

We provide career and job search services. Our mission is to assist
In the development of career plans and job search skills.

Newly Graduated

Today’s graduates start their job search with a belief that they should enter their company or industry of choice immediately after graduation. At least that’s what we’ve observed in our experience advising thousands of college students over the years on how to launch their careers.

From what we’ve observed, they are instructed by their parents and career advisers to look for opportunities that align with their passions, and to not compromise on interests or values.

Based on our own corporate experience and work with students, we assist and coach them the step and process to get on the path to their dream job.

Senior Management
Manage your career so you never have to search for a job again.

As tenures continue to shorten, it is critical to “Manage” your career on a daily basis … to be continually positioning yourself for your next career move whether within the company or externally.

By managing your career, you’ll have fewer gaps in your income. You can avoid being unemployed 6, 12, and 18 months between jobs. With tenures shortening, being unemployed for 12 months every 4-5 years can put a huge dent in your retirement nest egg.


Assessment Center

In a recruitment project, a selection assessment is a way to observe and report the most relevant individual insight on a shortlist of candidates, or finalists, in order to support the final hire decision.

The key features

The key features of assessment centre and development centre include:

  • Multiple competencies that the organisation would like to measure and evaluate its candidates or employees on
  • Multiple methods to provide candidates or employees with several opportunities to showcase their competencies in different work settings
  • Multiple assessors to ensure a fair and objective evaluation of all candidates or employees
  • Multiple participants being assessed at any one time
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Executive Search-Recruitment

We help clients recruit their top performing executives. We attract talented candidates and ensure a successful integration.



Our ICT certified consultants provide executive coaching
In Thai and English.

The Goal of Career Coaching

The goal of career coaching is to empower professionals by helping them make informed decisions about their trajectory. Career coaches focus on results, actions and accountability.

Career coaching will give you the methodology and mindset to make smart professional decisions and find your sweet spot – i.e.  which opportunities exist, what you are good at and what you want from life.

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Supporting an employee in professional transition to redesign their career, optimize their job search process. Imagine an effective strategy and lead them to successful integration into their new work environment.

Outplacement Support is provided by organisations to employees affected by redundancy, helping them to confidently navigate the job market and transition into new roles quickly and effectively.

Outplacement support ensures employees can focus positively on their next career step by providing expert advice and support, giving exiting employees direction in an increasingly complex and fast paced job market.

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