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AON’s assessment solutions take the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level. Their solutions are brand-supporting, innovative, engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric advancements. Their clients have achieved game-changing results.

Identify the values of employees and applicants with views

Increase Employee Motivation

Emplyee motivation is a critical success factor for companies. Selecting the right fit in terms of croporate values and motivation structure is a key challenge in the recruitment process. Employee motivation is also important in development. 

The views questionnaire helps you to efficiently and reliably identify the motvies and values of your employees and applicants.

views is an adaptive questionnaire system, that uses adalloc adaptive measurement technology developed by AON. This technology allows a highly sophisticated profile of personal values to be created with a very short questionnaire. views cover individual, job-related values, motives and interests.

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shapes personality questionnaire

Improve the quality of your HR decisions

shapes is an adaptive competency-based questionnaire system that provides a detailed and efficient assessements of a peroson’s competencies as a manager, entreprenuer and expert.

shapes helps measure personality dimensions that are vital to the quality of HR decisions. 

scales aptitude tests

With the scales test battery, AON provides cognitive aptitude tests for arange of target groups

Research has shown for years that aptitude tests are powerful predictors of long-term professional success. Virtually no other tool can offer as much added value for HR decision making with comparably small investment. 

The scales aptitude tests are developed by AON to leverage the latest of web technology and are designed in such a way that reliable, decentralized execution is possible. Aptitude tests offer an efficient and valid means of employee selection.

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Adaptive Employee
Personality Test (ADEPT-15®)

Employees and candidates bring more than just skills and experience with them to work — they bring their personality and all the preferences, tendencies, and styles that come with it

ADEPT-15® is a scientifically based assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help organizations hire, promote, and develop the very best talent. It has been proven by over 8 million global administrations, is backed by 50 years of research, and is built upon a database of 350,000 unique items.

Our Assessing process

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