March 2, 2022
Latecomers: How to comply with the PDPA?

1. Recruit or appoint a Data protection Officer (DPO): This new profile has the mission of managing the compliance of the organization but it is also the privileged interface between the PDPC, the company and the subcontractors. 2. Make an inventory of the processing of personal data: * Identify personal data, sensitive data and their...

October 27, 2021

Employees and candidates bring more than just skills and experience with them to work — they bring their personality and all the preferences, tendencies, and styles that come with it. ADEPT-15® is a scientifically based assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help organizations hire, promote, and develop the...

October 20, 2021
SCALES Aptitude Tests

With the SCALES test battery, AON provides cognitive aptitude tests for a range of target groups. Research has shown for years that aptitude tests are powerful predictors of long-term professional success. Virtually no other tool can offer as much added value for HR decision making with comparably small investment. The scales aptitude tests are developed by AON to...

October 18, 2021
Thailand-Vietnam Business Expansion Webinar 2021

If you are thinking of expanding your business in Thailand or Vietnam, but a bit unsure how to start, then this upcoming webinar is perfect for you. Lim and Partner and Source of Asia – SOA invite you to join the live webinar on 3rd November on the topic “Exploring Business Opportunities in Vietnam and Thailand – Food &...

October 15, 2021
Identify the Values of Employees and Applicants with VIEWS

Employee motivation is a critical success factor for companies. Selecting the right fit in terms of corporate values and motivation structure is a key challenge in the recruitment process. Employee motivation is also important in development. The VIEWS questionnaire developed by AON, helps you to efficiently and reliably identify the motives and values of your employees...

September 8, 2021
Impact of Digitalization; Thailand PDPA

By Larent Landie, Managing Director (Lim and Partner) Digitalization: From Regulation to Human Resources and Thailand PDPA The rapid and in some cases forced digital transformation of our societies from the last couple of years has impacted more and more territories. Data is everywhere! Keep reading to know more about the impact of digitalization on...

September 2, 2021

By Laurent Landie, Managing Director (Lim and Partner) We do not know when this pandemic will end. Will it go away or we just have to accept the new normal way of living? So, it’s better to start focusing and keep searching new ways to manage and organize our companies.Here is a quick update about Personal...


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