Executive Search & Recruitment

Do you want the brightest minds at the helm of your company?

We identify the top performers by leveraging our proprietary search methods across our extensive local and international networks.
Our consultants ensure a discreet approach and carefully manage the entire recruitment process, including the organizational integration.


Our Ten Executive Steps Approach

This methodology has been developed over the years; following market trend, knew knowledge on human resources. It is also directly linked with our own experience as Chief People Officer with Asia Data Destruction and of course the intense and fruitful collaboration and training session with our Partner in Praxi Alliance.

1. Client Briefing

This is an important moment, time to meet the client, to be aware of his management style, meeting with the line manager, visit the office factory, Job description and candidate profile information including the position budget range, allowance, and benefits. S

hare information of company we can’t approach the reason of this position opening(new hire or replacement) what will be the process.

Weekly report

Every Friday, Client will receive report with details of  companies approached  together with information about client industry, competitors.

2. Sourcing

Researcher together with the consultant in charge establish a list of company they will approach, Homework about the industry mapping.

Weekly report

3. Evaluation and Selection and Benchmarking

Approach and accessing of the potential candidates, most of the time blind approach, will do not disclose the name of the client prior to acceptation for interview.

4. First interview

5. Presentation to Client

We will introduce a selection of 3 minimum candidates we believe all have the potential for the position.

6. Assessment

Using AON Assessment

7. Reference Check

We will conduct the reference check for the position, achievement, and recommendation from referee.

8. Negotiation

Offering process and negotiation for the remuneration an start date.

9. Onboarding

Process of follow up pre and post starting date to make sure that candidate is well prepared and ready for onboarding.

10. Years and follow up coaching

Regular follow up concern, issue, or any work-related consulting.

Candidate are entitled to coaching session in line with assessment we did at the beginning of his mission.


  • CEOs and Board Members
  • Top Executives
  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Key Specialists


  • Consultation and development of a comprehensive profile
  • Identification of candidates through extensive research and direct approach
  • Analysis of CVs and profiles
  • A structured interview process
  • Presentation of suitable candidates Reference verification
  • Assistance in offer / acceptance negotiations
  • Candidate placement and onboarding



  • Consumer Products
  • Retail
  • Apparel and Luxury
  • Goods
  • Media
  • Entertainment and Sports


  • Automotive & Transport Equipment
  • Building Components
  • Chemical & Process Industries
  • Energy & GreenTech
  • Machinery & Engineering
  • Metals & Mining…


  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Real Estate Services

Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology

Tech & Communications

  • Systems
  • Services and Software
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecom

Government & Non-Profit

  • Government
  • Non-Profit

Financial Services

  • Investment
  • Corporate Banking and Markets
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management

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