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executive search consulting

We identify the top performers by leveraging our proprietary search methods across our extensive local and international networks. Our consultants ensure a discreet approach and carefully manage the entire executive search process, and keep in mind the organizational integration.

Our services include:

Executive Search          Career Management

Coaching     Outplacement

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assessment services

Assessment tools can be extremely useful now for recruitment. They give unbiased assessment and higher employee retention. And with the best candidate your company productivity will increase.In other words, using assessment is a great idea for recruitment.

Please check the link below to learn more about assessments and why you should choose us!

We use AON Assessment!

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Want To Enter Or Expand Your Business Into Thailand

market research and expansion

Want to enter or expand your in business into Thailand?

One of our services include Market Research and Expansion. If you are contemplating whether you should enter the Thai market or not, please allow us to help clear your doubt.

We would collect your requirements and conduct extensive research for you. After the market research, we would provide for you a market strategy that will help you penetrate the Thai market. After that, we will find you the most suitable importer and distributor for your business here in Thailand, in addition to a lot more services.

Whether you are trying to enter a mass market or niche market here in Thailand, our consultants got you covered!

We offer:

Market Research          Distributor Identification

Market Expansion in Thailand

Prospection and Export Missions

Industrial Implantation and Relocation

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Have any questions? Leave us a message. One of our consultants will get back to you in no time!