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Over the last decade, Lim & Partner has been offering comprehensive solutions in Executive Search, Market Entry, and HR Consulting. Our services cater to two main groups: European/US companies seeking to establish a business presence in the ASEAN region and companies from ASEAN looking to expand into western markets.
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Extensive Expertise

With years of industry-specific knowledge and insights of the ASEAN market, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face.

Tailored Solutions

We firmly believe in the power of personalized solutions. In our partnership, we foster a strong and collaborative relationship, working together to achieve mutual success and growth.

Professional Integrity

We take pride in our a steadfast adherence to moral and ethical principles, demonstrating honesty, transparency, and consistency in actions and decisions.

Our Global Network

Lim & Partner offers expert consultancy services in Executive Search, HR Consulting, Market Entry, and Expansion across Southeast Asia. Established in 2013 and headquartered in Bangkok, we have expanded to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and beyond.

As part of PRAXI Alliance, which operates in over 30 countries with 57 offices worldwide, we provide a comprehensive range of executive search services. We are a part of OSCI, representing 150 export support companies and over 2,000 trading companies.

Our Global Partners

PRAXI Alliance

Lim & Partner is a member of PRAXI Alliance Worldwide Executive Search.

ADD (Asia Data Destruction)

Lim & Partner is also affiliated to the Thai Ecotrade group of companies.


OSCI represents 150 export support companies and over 2,000 trading companies.

Singapura Search

Singapura Search, expert in executive search in Singapore the hub for Asean regional office for various industries.


Confluences specializes in providing solutions and support to companies seeking to break into or expand within the Cambodian and Southeast Asian markets.

Source of Asia

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, they have been on a mission to seize opportunities offered by Vietnam and ASEAN to make internationalization become a reality.

Dragonfly Group

DRAGONFLY GROUP is a consulting firm, expert in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Development in the Greater China Area.

Asia Career Management

As a pioneer, they provide strong support in both career management for global talents desiring to work in Southeast Asia and outplacement services for companies.


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Your ASEAN Consultancy Partner

Lim & Partner is part of Praxi Alliance which provides Worldwide Executive Search in 57 offices and spans in more than 30 countries currently.