5 Executive Search Best Practices in Thailand 2025

executive search trends in Thailand 2025

Thailand’s executive search landscape is evolving rapidly in 2025, fueled by technological advancements, globalization, and a heightened emphasis on diversity and inclusion. To thrive in this dynamic environment, executive search firms and companies must adopt innovative strategies and best practices. 1. Digital Transformation in Executive Search 2. Prioritizing Cultural Fit and Localization 3. Fostering Diversity […]

7 Exciting Executive Search Trends in Southeast Asia in 2024

7 executive search trends in Southeast Asia in 2024

Southeast Asia’s economic dynamism and rich talent pool have propelled it to the forefront of executive recruitment. However, the regional Executive Search landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis in 2024. Let’s delve into the key trends shaping this evolving environment. 1. Digital Transformation The rampant rise of e-commerce and digitalization across industries is fueling demand for executives with […]

Build a Winning Company Culture in Thailand: 5 Essential Tips

Tips to Improve Company Culture in Thailand

A strong company culture is the secret weapon for any business seeking success in Thailand. It’s the magic ingredient that attracts top talent, keeps employees happy and engaged, and ultimately drives business growth. But what makes a winning company culture in the Land of Smiles? This article dives deep into the unique aspects of Thai workplace culture and provides […]

5 Tips for Successful Headhunting in the Land of Smiles

headhunting in Thailand

Thailand’s economic rise and growing regional influence have created a significant demand for top-tier leadership talent. To fill this gap, the executive search or headhunting industry in Thailand has seen a remarkable surge. These specialized firms play a critical role in connecting companies with the best executives who can drive success. 1. Beyond Job Boards: A Tailored […]

5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in Thailand

hiring mistakes to avoid in Thailand

Thailand’s dynamic job market presents exciting possibilities for businesses seeking top talent. However, navigating the recruitment landscape also comes with its own set of challenges. Here, we explore five common pitfalls to avoid when hiring in Thailand: 1. Ignoring Cultural Nuances:  Thai culture emphasizes respect and hierarchy. Formal greetings and clear communication are essential during […]

Investment in Thailand : 6 Thriving Reasons Why

view of Thailand

Looking to diversify your portfolio and tap into a booming market in Southeast Asia? Look no further than Thailand, the “Land of Smiles.” Here are six compelling reasons why Thailand should be your next investment destination: 1. Gateway to Southeast Asia Thailand boasts a strategic location, serving as a springboard for the entire Southeast Asian […]

5 Reasons Why Market Research is Important

Why market research is important

By Tasnia Rehnuma Mahmud, Market Research Analyst Intern at Lim & Partner. Here at Lim & Partner, we provide Market Research and Expansion and Executive Search and Assessment consultancy services in Thailand. Our expertise also extends to various countries of South-East Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. One of our services include […]

Use of Personality Portraits to Foster Inclusive Recruitment

Use of Personality Portraits to Foster Inclusive Recruitment

Working from home hasn’t been that common in many companies until now, and many employees aren’t well-versed. Today, more and more people are working from home, for security reasons, job mobility or family matters, and there are many distractions that can interfere with your productivity. The Recruiting & Research Specialists from Iventa have 5 tips […]

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