Impact of Digitalization; Thailand PDPA
By Larent Landie, Managing Director (Lim and Partner)

Digitalization: From Regulation to Human Resources and Thailand PDPA

The rapid and in some cases forced digital transformation of our societies from the last couple of years has impacted more and more territories. Data is everywhere! Keep reading to know more about the impact of digitalization on regulations to HR services and what’s up with Thailand PDPA.

Digitalization and Thailand PDPA

In Thailand, the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA has been postponed twice; the new agenda mentions 1st of June 2022. The reasons for the postponement haven’t been tackled yet unfortunately. One of the reasons being the current pandemic situation, we are missing all the corpus of technical regulation to implement the law.

The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry is very active, and we welcomed, aside from PDPA, under the computer related Crime Act, couple of new regulations on retention of computer traffic data…

Digitalization vs Compliance

Somehow compliance department in our companies, talking about Japan, Europe and USA have anticipated this new regulation. It is true that GDPR or PDPA, moved the cursor further. This obliged us to implement new data management. Data is something to protect not because a leak could have bad consequences for your company image but because they do not belong to you but to the personal owner!

Digitalization is linked to criminalization

Not a day without cybercriminal action. From private to state initiative, our IT systems are more and more sophisticated meaning more fragile!

Digitalization and Human Resources

At the end do you have the human resources to understand, implement and anticipate this fast-moving trend? From Data Privacy Officer to Network Security, all these changes have consequence in our human resources pool of competencies!

I propose you to move forward not to wait until the last minute, rather start preparing now. We can help you start by organizing a diagnostic of your organization from technical to human resources point of view.

This is possible with our Partners – Asia Data Destruction and Breachunt ( and They will focus on IT setup.  Then we, Lim and Partner will assess your team and talk with your DPO. However, if you do not have one do not worry. We can train your employees or recruit the perfect Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your company!

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